New year’s humming along nicely so far at the station

WELL here we are, Tuesday, January 21 and I'm two days into the work new year after having a month off for holidays, and at the moment I want to say everything is going along really well.

But that would be lying.

My first day back yesterday was great. I got into the Zinc studio after 4am, talked to myself and others for 5 hours then came into the office environment when the rest of the crew arrived, that's when it hit me, I still work with Cheryl.

This lady who handles our promotions at the station is a repeat hummer.

This lady hums and sings songs out loud like there's no tomorrow, and it's getting out of control.

Last year she would sing her heart out to just about every track that came on the radio, and while that's nice that she knows the tunes, singing them out of key just isn't tennis.

I put it on Twitter looking for what to do, and the usual things like throwing fluffy toys at her would work, but it didn't.

She's still singing her little heart out as we speak.

I did however go and buy a pair of earplugs. It seems to have worked, I can't hear her, but I also can't hear the radio, or the phones, plus I can't hear the boss lady shouting for me to come into her office and explain what I've done wrong this time.

The year 2014 is surely going to be fun if the last few paragraphs are any indication, and one that will include plenty of surprises, and good ones.

The Harbour Festival will be here before you know it, so will my birthday, my brother's 40th, the Sydney Marathon run, one of my parents big milestones and the next thing you know we'll all be saying hi to Santa again!

I enjoyed last year and I hope you did too, but let's make no excuse that this year will be great.

New year resolutions like being healthier, fitter and more outgoing are all on my bucket list.

Weird part about it is that I've misplaced that list at home and have no idea where I left it.

This could cause a speed-bump into the "new me" for the year, but I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

If you're starting a-new for 2014, have fun, go hard and remember to always wear earplugs around Kiwis.

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