Electro pop rockers, Gold Fields will feature at the 2012 Oxford Street Party in Rockhampton.
Electro pop rockers, Gold Fields will feature at the 2012 Oxford Street Party in Rockhampton. Contributed

Five-piece band Gold Fields to play at Oxford Street Party

YOUNG Aussie band Gold Fields has burst onto the music scene with its dance-pop, '80s-'90s-influenced, Triple J-style tunes.

The band has continued to wow audiences since first writing and demo-ing songs in early 2010.

Four of the band's five members are originally from Ballarat, west of Melbourne - Mark Robert Fuller (vocals), Vin Andanar (guitar and vocals), Luke Peldys (bass) and Rob Clifton (keys and percussion).

Then there's Ryan D'Sylva (drums), from Mornington Peninsula.

They're renowned for their eclectic sound of energetic pop beats with ethereal melodies.

In October, Gold Fields released its debut album, Dark Again, which followed the release of a 2011 EP.

The song Treehouse is a collection of staccato percussion and clever clapping riffs.

Gold Fields has made a name on Triple J and since their first live show in October 2010, the band has continued to tour non-stop.

"We recorded a bunch of songs that we loved and wanted to get out there and realised we needed to play these songs live," Mark said.

Being Triple J favourites, it is somewhat uncommon to brag about a love for pop, but the band members, who are clear in their love for dance beats, bring a fresh element to the genre.

"We all really love hip hop in terms of production and the percussive elements those songs bring," Mark said.

"We all love pop music as well. We've been listening to a lot of '90s house music lately; some of those songs from that era are amazing."

Mark said the five lads were friends from high school.

"Vin and Mark met Ryan through other bands they played in," Mark said.

"They kept in contact with each other and began writing together and it just went from there."

The band is looking to take things big in the future and Mark said they were constantly inspired by the fans that rock up to their shows.

"It keeps us pretty motivated and gets us all really excited," he said.

"We love playing shows; it's 45 minutes where we can do whatever we want and have an absolute ball."

The pop-loving crew are pumped about playing at the upcoming Oxford Street Party on Saturday, December 29 in Rockhampton.

"We are really looking forward to coming to a part of Australia we have never been to," Mark said.

"That's pretty exciting, plus playing in front of people we've never played to before."

The group is currently touring in Canada but their ever-growing fan base and prominence never ceases to amaze them.

"We all love music, so to create and play music as a job is still pretty mind-blowing for all of us," Mark said.

Though music takes up the majority of their time, the group still makes time for the important things in life.

And for Gold Fields, those important things include footy.

"We don't really have hobbies anymore because we are really busy with what we're doing," Mark said.

"When we were recording we would take a footy down to a park and have a kick around to break things up a bit.

"We love footy."

When asked what he loved most about music, Mark said, "everything".

"It's amazing how when you listen to a song you haven't heard for a while, it takes you back to that time when you loved it and what you were doing at that time."

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