Damon Bray
Damon Bray

New methods on how to stay fit

CROSSFIT: It’s a case of being there when you actually are not.

That’s the new fitness innovation by CrossFit Gladstone head coach Damon Bray.

No thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic of course, but Bray has found a way in the form of technology to keep his clients fit.

“The Zoom Briefs run exactly how our classes would only it’s in the form of a live skype like call,” he said.

“We give a warm-up for people to do which is specific to the workout and we give warm-ups for each of the individual movements.

“We give modifications for movements should they be required.”

For those who cannot be available for online classes in real time, Bray said CrossFit Gladstone posts tutorials and movement demonstrations to its private members’ Facebook page everyday.

With gyms closed due to the coronavirus spread threat, Bray said his clients are picking up the equipment from the gym.

“So far our members have been incredible and kept their memberships,” Bray said.

“We are incredibly grateful for their unwavering and ongoing support.”

Bray also offers nutritional advise to minimise contracting the virus.

“From the research gathered from The Lancet Journal and the Journal of American Medical Association, we have become aware that the virus attaches via angiotensin in the body,” he said.

“By utilising things like Licorice Root and Reishi Mushrooms, it makes it harder for the virus to attach to those receptors. Fresh Fruit and vegetables and wholefoods always provide the best form of immunity however it should be washed thoroughly before cooking.”

Bray said his gym offers the following:

“We would like to let people know that we are giving equipment to our paying members and releasing home workouts,” he said.

“We still have the capacity to take on new members should people want to stay fit and need equipment.

At $34 a week, it gets you three zoom workout briefs a day, equipment rent and home workouts.”

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