New hope for muzzled dog weeks after search called off

THERE is fresh hope for a dog seen wandering the Cunningham Hwy near Aratula weeks after the RSPCA abandoned their search.

A truck driver reported seeing the dog run across the highway on Saturday but authorities say there is no guarantee it's the same dog.

"The German Sheperd (sic) dog lost on the (Cunningham's) gap is still alive, ran out in front of the truck tonight, RSPCA have been called! Poor thing is skinny as and has managed to get tape off its mouth!" the post on Lost Dogs Logan Facebook page read.

A dog, believed to be a German Shepherd cross, was first seen on the side of the road with its mouth taped shut on January 11 but RSPCA inspectors called off their search on January 23 after weeks of trapping were unsuccessful.

UPDATE: RSPCA abandon search for missing dog

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said an inspector would be investigating the potential sighting but there was little to say it was the same dog.

He said the dog seen on the weekend did not have tape around its mouth.

"It probably isn't the same dog, there are a lot of dogs in that area so who knows," Mr Beatty said.

"The inspector is going to look into it the best he can.

"They are saying the tape has gone on this particular dog so we don't know whether it's the same dog."

Anyone who has any information is urged to call 1300 ANIMAL.

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