New cold room on the way for Calliope Rotary Club

BIG BUCKS: Calliope Rotary Club have used the funds to help the community.
BIG BUCKS: Calliope Rotary Club have used the funds to help the community. Calliope Rotary Club

THE Calliope Rotary Club has been waiting patiently for the arrival of a much sought-after money-saving device.

Thanks to Calliope and District Enterprise Limited (operators of the Calliope & District Bendigo Bank), the club will very shortly receive a large mobile cold room, valued at about $16,000.

The club applied for funding for the cold room through the C&DEL's community grant system. The grant was approved about two months ago and the cold room is expected to be delivered within the next two weeks.

Liz Cunningham, director of community at Calliope Rotary Club, said the club members are looking forward to taking receipt of the cold room to assist them with catering at functions.

"It's just going to be wonderful,” she said.

"It's a cold room on a trailer, full-sized, walk-in.

"We've had to hire cold rooms before, and this will mean that all of the funds that we raise at functions will go towards the community and reduce the amount of overhead costs.”

She noted that the people they had previously hired cold rooms from were very kind with their rates but it still cost $250 to $300 for a weekend and that ate into the amount of money raised.

Robbie Williams, secretary of Calliope and District Enterprise Limited, said they planned to keep on contributing to the community, having donated $1.2million to community initiatives in five years.

"We have funding anyone can apply for,” he said. "We then assess the project; is it of community benefit? Does it fit our goals?”

The Calliope Rotary Club has only been going for the past two years but already it is an integral part of the community with over 20 members, and it plans to keep contributing.

"We haven't got any big catering projects on the books at the moment, but I have no doubt something will come up very soon,” Mrs Cunningham said.

The club has also successfully applied for a mobile barbecue through C&DEL.

"The club is really grateful to the Bendigo Bank with the support they've given us, she said.

"They support a lot of projects in Calliope and we are really appreciative of the generosity,” she said.

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