CCTV Cameras in Goondoon St. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
CCTV Cameras in Goondoon St. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA061015CCTV

New CCTV in CBD after horror robbery

New security cameras in Gladstone's Central Business District (CBD) will put the safety of Gladstone residents front and centre, thanks to the Safe Night Precinct (SNP) grant funding program.

Member for Gladstone, Glenn Butcher congratulated the Gladstone SNP Board on their successful application and said the $89,141 grant will help to create a safer Gladstone CBD for day-time shopping and night-time socialising.

"I commend the SNP board for working closely with the Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to obtain funding for the upgrading of the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system," he said.

"By working together they have determined the most effective location for the new CCTV monitors to maximise residents' safety and wellbeing and I thank the GRC for their co-operation.

"After the horror robbery last week at the Central Lane Hotel, these CCTV cameras can't come quick enough. Our community members can expect that their safety is a paramount concern to all levels of Government.

"One of the monitors will be installed in the Gladstone police communications room, enhancing the ability of QPS staff to determine where they are needed in an emergency", Mr Butcher said.

Gladstone Region Mayor, Matt Burnett was pleased to give the green light on the installation of the cameras in the Gladstone CBD.

"Gladstone Regional Council are looking forward to the installation of the new CCTV system and, once installed, will provide a safe atmosphere in our city," he said.

Mr Butcher said most importantly, the new CCTV system will help to minimise the risk of alcohol and drug-related harm and associated violence in Gladstone, which is consistent with the Palaszczuk Government's commitment to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence across the whole State.

"As the State member for Gladstone, I am pleased to see the SNP board continue to be so effective in their role. I am also pleased to see people from local businesses, the local community and the local council working together to fix local issues," he said.

"There are 15 SNPs around Queensland and the Palaszczuk Government has made $8.75 million available under the SNP grant funding program for their respective boards to pursue initiatives like Gladstone's CCTV system.

"I encourage the Gladstone SNP board to continue to apply for funding for local initiatives, here in Gladstone, to assist in minimising alcohol and drug-related harm."

The latest round of Safe Night Precinct funding opened on 11 April 2016 and will close on 20 May 2016. This is a great opportunity to get local initiatives up and running. Further information is available at

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