Joe Fenech and Sherylene Stevens at Rugby Park.
Joe Fenech and Sherylene Stevens at Rugby Park. Allan Reinikka

New bright spark in region as CQFC unveils official name

CENTRAL Queensland Football Club (CQFC) officially unveiled its team name and logo today and it seems there's a bright new spark on the horizon.

The club will make its highly anticipated debut in the 2013 Australian Premier League (APL) under the banner of CQFC Energy.

CQFC Chair Sherylene Stevens selected the name and said the announcement was an historic day for football fans throughout Central Queensland.

"This is a landmark day for both the Central Queensland Football Club and for every football fan in Central Queensland," Ms Stevens said.

"Energy encapsulates our region more than any other singular word. It reflects our vibrant lifestyle, our determination our strength and endurance.

"Energy and natural resources are the lifeblood of our region and this area's premier football club.

"With CQFC being granted an APL licence, we have a real opportunity of being accepted into the A-League in 2018.

"Through determination, training and skill, our youth of today can be the football stars of tomorrow and our goal is to become a competitive force in the A-League and provide our local players the skills they need to achieve their dreams."

The APL is the second highest league of football in Australia and CQFC is one of 12 clubs from throughout Queensland to be granted a licence in the inagural 2013 season.

CQ Energy will make its APL debut in March 2013.

CQ Energy Marketing Manager Cecilia Thompson said her immediate focus was securing vital sponsorship funding and developing strong ties within the Central Queensland business community.

"This is a great opportunity for both small and large business enterprise to support Central Queensland's highest profile football club," Ms Thompson said.

"Not only will CQFC sponsors get great brand exposure throughout Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone and surrounding areas, they will also get invaluable exposure in South-East Queensland when CQFC play their away games in front of thousands of spectators across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

"This opportunity represents a great return for their sponsorship dollar."

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