NBN is finally on the way for Gladstone region

FAST broadband is finally on the way for the Gladstone region - but council is not happy it has taken so long.

Consultation opened on Wednesday on where the National Broadband Network was most needed in the region.

Council, local businesses and residents will put their views to the National Broadband Network to influence where the service will be offered.

But Gladstone Regional Council CEO Stuart Randle was disappointed it hadn't happened sooner.

He said without NBN in Gladstone, businesses and residents had suffered.

"The council is very disappointed that such a fast-growing region has not been greater priority," he said.

"We understand that many other local governments are also disappointed with the lack of progress in their regions."

The NBN offers a fast, reliable and affordable phone and internet service.

"Lower network speeds impact on business efficiency and may also play a part in the decision-making process when a business is deciding on expanding or establishing in a new location," Mr Randle said.

"Availability of NBN is also an attraction for prospective new residents."

He could not say which areas may be prioritised, due to lack of information about costs and the installation process.

NBN Co spokesman Ryan Williams said the number of fixed-wireless facilities could only be decided after consultation.

"The announcement (of the consultation process) demonstrates the rollout of the NBN is continuing momentum in regional Queensland - and with it comes many economic and social opportunities for local communities," he said.

He said businesses demonstrated an increase in productivity and reduction of costs after receiving the service.

The consultation process takes on average 18 months, meaning it will still be a long time before anyone is working ultra quickly from their computers.


  • Wholesale download speeds of up to 25 Mbs (megabits per second)
  • Upload speeds of up to five Mbs to telephone and internet service providers
  • Wireless network more consistent and reliable than a mobile wireless service, affected by people moving into and out of the area
  • More than 56,400 Queensland properties connected to NBN

- Source: NBN Co

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