Nazi supporters enjoy democracy

A NAZI flag on sale at a Harbour Festival stall has brought Gladstone's premier event into disrepute.

When The Observer approached the stall holder, he was quick to confirm it was a Nazi flag.

“It is $15, just like all the others,” he said.

When asked whether selling the swastika-clad flag was insensitive, he replied that he had a democratic right to sell what he liked.

Although no residents questioned by The Observer said they would buy the flag, there were mixed reactions.

Daniel Williams said he had no problem with it, where as Lil Butcher described it as “disgraceful”.

“(The flag) shouldn't be here, it is a symbol of tyranny,” she said.

Gladstone RSL sub branch secretary Peter Young said it was in “very bad taste”.

“The RSL doesn't condone that sort of thing. It's offensive to people who fought in World War II,” he said.

National Servicemen's Association Gladstone President Murray Hayter said he was unimpressed and the stall should stop selling the item.

However, Gladstone Festivals and Events manager Michelle Stafford said she was unaware the flag was on sale, but would immediately “rectify the situation”.

The festival came under fire from the Queensland Jewish community in 2006 for selling Nazi paraphernalia also.

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