Man to be freed after raping and murdering daughter

A QUEENSLAND man who brutally raped and murdered his young daughter in 2007 at the family's holiday house near the Sunshine Coast has been allowed to have unescorted ventures into the community as part of his rehabilitation.

The man, who cannot be named, has also successfully appealed an earlier decision requiring him to wear a GPS tracking device while on day release from the mental health facility where he is currently housed.

The man, who at the time of the offence reported hearing voices instructing him to do various acts, bound and gagged his daughter, shaved her head before strangling and stabbing her in the chest, in a crime that shocked the state.

He was subsequently deemed unfit to stand trial.

However, a Queensland court found this week that the man's mental health was stable, the risk factor he posed was not unacceptable and there were no benefits in making the man wear a tracking device.

The man told a treating psychiatrist that he found wearing the GPS tracking device "very frustrating and upsetting."

The psychiatrist told the court, in a written report, that the man also found wearing the device a mental burden.

"He worried he may accidentally send off some kind of alert when getting dressed or undertaking such similar innocent activity," the psychiatrist said.

"He also worried about the stigma attached to wearing the GPS device in public.

"He believes people would unfairly regard him as a paedophile or serial sex offender."

The man's psychiatrist told the court he had completed approximately 3000 hours of on-ground unescorted leave and more than 100 leaves into the community all without incident.

"He has never absconded in the past, despite hundreds of opportunities to do so, and there was no evidence of any inappropriate behaviour, either on-ground or off-ground," he said.

"He has close relationships with his family and has developed realistic and sensible plans for his longer term rehabilitation and placement into the community on a graduated basis."

The court found there was no evidence that provided any justification for the man to be made to wear the monitoring device and revoked the condition.

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