Mum lashes out at child during job interview call

A MUM'S over-reaction to her daughter's tantrum landed the parent in court on an assault charge this week.

The mother lashed out while taking a phone call about a job interview.

Police were called and the mum was later charged.

It also brought the Ipswich mum, 28, under the scrutiny of DOCS - Department of Child Safety.

The mother-of-six pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to assault causing bodily harm to the six-year-old girl - a domestic violence offence.

Defence barrister Clare O'Connor said the mother accepted she had the protection and welfare of the child, but the assault had not been gratuitously violent.

The mother had not given the child medical attention beyond applying ice and conceded she at first lied to investigating police.

Ms O'Connor said the event caused significant disruption to the mum's life, and she had voluntarily taken steps to change her parenting, even placing that child and others into the care of DOCS.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren found the mother reacted out of frustration.

He said the mother had been on a call about possible employment.

Reacting to the child's antics, the mother grabbed the girl's arm and was then responsible for "throwing her to the ground".

Judge Horneman-Wren found it to be a case of excessive discipline.

He took into account evidence of the mother's own traumatic childhood and that she had her first child at the age of 15.

He acknowledged the considerable positive steps she had taken as "commendable".

The District Court had been given a letter of support from DOCS about the mother's efforts "that speaks volumes" on how she was working with the department, with the intention of re-establishing a relationship with her children.

Judge Horneman-Wren placed the mum on a $500 good behaviour bond for 12 months, no conviction recorded.

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