Mum holds down daughter during rape

A MOTHER whispered in her daughter's ear that her partner wanted to have sex with her.   

The mother then held the girl down as the man raped her, despite the youngster's cries for help.  

It was the night before the girl's 15th birthday.  

Judge Michael Shanahan was damning in his comments as he sentenced the pair, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, to seven years jail each for the brutal attack.  

Judge Shanahan said he didn't see a difference between the offences when it came to the mother pinning the girl down and her partner committing the physical rape.   

Judge Shanahan deemed the rape as a "substantial breach of trust from a mother to her daughter".  

The 36-year-old mother, who has more than six children, wiped tears from her face as the facts of the incident were read out.    


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The court heard the teenager was staying with her 36-year-old mother in April 2015 when the incident happened at their Rockhampton home.  

It was heard the teen had been sleeping in the same bed as the couple for some time.  

Judge Shanahan said the attack happened on the eve of the teenager's 15th birthday and it was her mother who held her down and took the girl's pants off.   

"She was resisting and told you to stop," Judge Shanahan said.   

The court heard threats were made to the teenage girl to keep quiet about the rape.  

Minimal violence was used in the incident, but Judge Shanahan said it has had a traumatic impact on the teen.

A jury at Rockhampton District Court this week found the couple guilty on two counts of rape each.   

The couple were both sentenced to three years in prison on count one and seven years in prison on count two, to be served concurrently.  

The man had already spent 413 days served in prison, as he had been on a suspended sentence when the offence took place.   

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