Gladstone Courthouse.
Gladstone Courthouse.

Mum calls police on 27-year-old son

A 27-YEAR-old with 10 pages of criminal history had his mum call police on him when he began smashing property around the home, a court has heard.

Lamos Ralph Yow Yeh, appearing via video link, in Gladstone Magistrates Court, pleaded guilty to 14 charges including breach of bail, failure to appear, public nuisance and serious assault of police.

Police prosecutor Carl Spargo said on August 31, Yow Yeh’s mum made a call to triple-0 and said the defendant was smashing property with a baseball bat.

When police arrived Yow Yeh barricaded himself in his room with a heavy mattress and told police to “get f---ed” and he was going to bash them.

Snr Con Spargo said police attempted to negotiate and he said his actions were due to a family matter.

Yow Yeh brandished a pipe at the police who had to shoulder barge and kick the door in to gain entry where they found Yow Yeh.

He was told to drop the pipe. Police presented a taser and told Yow Yeh to get on the ground. He eventually complied with the order.

While being arrested and taken to the police car, Yow Yeh was abusive to towards his mother, calling her a “f---ing maggot”.

When he was told he was being a public nuisance he told police he “didn’t give a f---”.

Yow Yeh failed to appear in court three times. He had said he had a funeral to attend on two of those occasions.

Defence lawyer Brendon Selic argued the situation was more like a “siege sort of scenario” because none of the threats were followed through.

Yow Yeh was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, eligible for parole on May 2.

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