SUPPORT from a group of local ladies diagnosed with cancer has given Suzy Chandler the strength she needs to battle the disease.

She is a member of Support Sisters Gladstone, a group that started almost a year ago. All its members are battling cancer.

Mrs Chandler has breast cancer, she joined the group in November.


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"I always thought, I don't need a support group, I'm doing fine on my own," she said.

"But the amount of help this has given me is incredible," she said. "I've got so much out of it."

She said the group has a Facebook page and uses it to keep in contact.

They have regular meetings, too.

"While we've all got family, it's nice to talk to people who are actually going through treatment, to talk about symptoms, relationships, different drugs you go on, everyone has a different reaction so everyone's story is different. We just all have the common tie of having cancer," she said.

While she said she felt she had a good support network in Gladstone with her family and friends, she could talk more comfortably to the women in the group about battling the disease.

"As much as we love them (our friends and family) they're not going through the same thing.

"You can just have a cry when you need to, without giving your family that emotional burden," she said.

"We've got one lady who's in Brisbane for treatment at the moment so we've all posted on there well wishes to her."

She said the group was open to women with all kinds of cancers.

Yesterday Mrs Chandler completed the Mother's Day Classic with her husband and two children.

They walked the 4km course together. She looked forward to spending the rest of the day on her new chair she was given for Mother's Day, reading a book.

For more information about the group, visit its Facebook page, Support Sisters Gladstone.

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