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REGIONAL businesses are operating in a market where competitors are just as likely to be on the other side of the world, as the other side of the street.

When your customers (even the loyal ones) are comparing your prices with online distributors from across the globe, you need a tailored marketing solution which will build on the local play you know and do best, while building on a broader and stronger market reach.

That's where APN Australian Regional Media, parent company to The Observer, comes in as a strategic multi-platform marketing partner for your business.

"We have developed an offering of strategically bundled online and print packages to meet the needs and extend the reach of our clients," APN-ARM Director Sales and Operations Simon Irwin said.

"We're trying to make it easier to advertise online and streamline the process, so we have created packages to provide our customers with a complete solution, incorporating print and online advertising.



"Basically if customers are already spending on print advertising, we're asking that they spend just a little more, and we'll enable them to reach a vast new audience online."

"The other consideration is the impact of the advertising  - so, the bigger the spend, the more people we reach, and the bigger the ad size and impact. Studies have consistently shown that the larger ads are, the more likely consumers are to recall and act upon the message or offer. "

Mr Irwin, said the bundles were the result of thorough regional market research to ascertain the specific challenges and needs of local businesses - especially SMEs - so the most effective and cost-competitive solution could be developed.

APN Australian Regional Media has a bigger audience across Qld and NSW than many realise.
APN Australian Regional Media has a bigger audience across Qld and NSW than many realise.

To find out more, contact The Observer's advertising team by calling 4970 3030 or emailing advert@gladstoneobserver.com.au


  • PRINT: The Observer has a daily audience of 24,000 and The Community Advocate has a weekly audience of 10,000
  • ONLINE: When you extend your reach online you get up to 15,000 extra visitors every week
  • MOBILE: When you add mobile to your reach you get up to 5,000 extra visitors every week