Mudcrabs thumped by 130 points as transition gets tough

Gladstone’s Dale Sparkman says his side can have a good season.
Gladstone’s Dale Sparkman says his side can have a good season. Luka Kauzlaric

DALE Sparkman has been with the Gladstone Mudcrabs AFL team long enough to see the glory days and the dark, so copping a thumping at the hands of the Glenmore Bulls on Saturday is not getting him down.

Despite the 130-point margin, Sparkman is one of the leaders at the Mudcrabs able to find the positives and help the younger players move forward.

"It is never nice but as long as we learn lessons from it, which we will, it is okay," he said.

"I think there are a lot of positives to be honest. It is a changing of the guard at the moment."

The Mudcrabs have this season included a lot of young players in their senior roster and while the transition is tough, Sparkman praised the club's approach.

"We are starting to see the benefits of a strong junior program," he said.

"Some lads have a habit when they have a couple of bad possessions to drop their head and you give them a pat on the back."

Sparkman, 27, is keen to make this season a positive one in terms of building for the future, as well as surprising a few sides.

He highlighted the need to stick to game plan, and not get caught up in the score.

"We are developing. It takes a long time."

AFL results:

  • Glenmore Bulls 26.15 (171) d Gladstone Mudcrabs 6.5 (41)
  • BITS Saints 19.10 (124) d Rockhampton Panthers 8.10 (58)

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