VERSATILE: The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, led by Guy Noble, is coming to Gladstone for a free show in August.
VERSATILE: The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, led by Guy Noble, is coming to Gladstone for a free show in August. Contributed

Free orchestra concert features movie tunes

THE Queensland Symphony Orchestra is hosting a free evening of superb outdoor entertainment at the Gladstone Marina Stage on Friday, August 7 from 7pm.

Movie Masterpieces will feature some of the state's best classical musicians performing movie themes from blockbusters including Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

Showcase mezzo-soprano Louise Dorsman will be there in the flesh alongside QSO soloists, Concertmaster Warwick Adeney and Principal Tuba Thomas Allely.

But at the reins will be one of Australia's most versatile conductors and entertainers, Guy Noble. Pulse caught up with Guy and delved a little deeper into this musicians mind.

What's your background?

I'm a conductor-come-entertainer. I didn't grow up in a musical family like most.

My mother made me start learning the piano when I was six and I practiced frequently. I used to get called "Mr Music" and I guess that's what set me apart.

I then studied at the conservatorium in Sydney and then onto London. I did musicals, opera and radio.

What was your childhood movie masterpiece?

Every time I conduct the Star Wars main title my blood pressure rises. Star Wars was and still is so much fun to watch and listen to.

I can remember sitting in the cinema watching it for the first time. We'll be playing it when we come to Gladstone and it will be done with the original orchestrations, exactly how you remember it.

Does Harry Potter count as a classic?

It's still a film hit so yes. It can be performed within the classical orchestrate genre.

It doesn't change from Beethoven to Harry Potter, it's still the same style.

If you could play another instrument what would it be?

I'd have to say there'd be a top three. I'd play the cello, the French horn and the bass guitar.

I'm actually in the process of teaching myself the bass at the moment because I find myself always finding it and signing its melody in pop tunes.

My 14-year-old daughter always says 'Dad, no bass no harmony'.

Do you still get nervous?

I don't get so nervous with the orchestra because they do all the hard work. You could say I get excited nervous.

If I was now to do a piano solo I think I'd pretend to break my arm off stage before hand.

The Queensland Orchestra is based in Brisbane how do you feel about small towns? Obviously it's not like performing at the Opera House. How do we compare?

It's wonderful. What I like best is the big outdoor free concerts. We've done that twice before and it's been a success.

Any event that's free is what it's all about - it's a night of families, friends, food and music.

Run us through your life? Do you have a daily routine?

I've got no routine. I'm flying here, there and everywhere. Then I'm on radio and pottering around.

Sometimes I'm doing piano concerts in Australia. I have two beautiful daughters, Lucy and Hayley, who are good girls and my wife Meredith.

I wish I could bring them to all the shows but they have school and work.

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