Movie choice key in lack of support for drive-in

GLADSTONE residents have offered plenty of suggestions to CQ Starlight Cinemas over their drive-in movie nights, after a poor showing on Saturday put future events in jeopardy.

Owner Ben Dyer said while Gladstone had expressed a great interest in the drive-in coming to town, the numbers on Saturday had not justified the trip.

The movie night had been cancelled on two previous occasions, firstly because of licensing issues and secondly because of the weather.

Commenters on The Observer's Facebook page said a lack of advertising about the event, the choice of movies and the two previous cancellations had played a part in their decisions not to support the night.

There also were plenty of other activities and events on over the weekend which drew crowds away.

Brett Harkin said: "They postponed twice and it clashed with race day and rugby league 4 Nations double header, ordinary movies, what did they expect?"

Cherie Wairau said movie selection, price and advertising needed to be picked up for the event to be successful.

Jessika Johnson said she would have gone if the movies that were advertised for the nights that got cancelled had been shown.

SnarlyJane Smith suggested CQ Starlight Cinemas tried another few events before cancelling the whole thing.

"Don't call it off all together just because one event was slow. Try another couple events and see how it goes.

"Throw around a few different genres of movies and maybe offer a vote for what people want to watch that week.

"I didn't know it was back on, but probably wouldn't have gone anyway due to the steep price for an old movie I can play on my big screen for nothing.

"Maybe newer movies, more notice and cheaper prices/viewing packages."

Amanda Leslie-Baldock attended the Saturday night event and said she had loved it.

"Labyrinth wasn't the best movie but we still enjoyed it. I really hope that they give it another go, because we're looking forward to it," she said.

CQ Starlight Cinemas will host a Halloween drive-in movie night in Rockhampton on Friday, but the event won't run in Gladstone.

Commenting on Facebook, the cinema said unless the Gladstone community got behind the drive-in movie nights, they wouldn't run regularly here.

"Many people are complaining about the price or movie choices without realising we are limited in the range of movies we are permitted to show, as licences are required," the comment read.

"The licence holders take a percentage of ticket sales from each movie, and being a very expensive event to put on each night we can't afford to reduce the price.

"Twenty dollars is an extremely cheap evening out for an unlimited number of people in one car for such a unique experience.

"We would encourage everyone to support it if they would like events like this in their community."

You can keep up to date with CQ Starlight Cinema events on their Facebook page here.

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