On set of a recent photoshoot Lacey, Clay and Sadie,Brodie Long, Milly Duggan, and Tyson Long.
On set of a recent photoshoot Lacey, Clay and Sadie,Brodie Long, Milly Duggan, and Tyson Long. Nita Siggins - Lifestyle Photogr

Move to small town pushes business to rise to full potential

A MOVE to a small Central Queensland mining town has led to the success of a booming clothing store, Buck Wild Country.

Originally from Townsville, Lacey Long, 27, was doing FIFO with her husband Brodie to the mines in CQ.

Six months after the birth of their second child, Clay, two years ago, Brodie was offered a role at Middlemount that would see him home every night.

For better family life, they decided to move and leave behind the luxury and comfort of Lacey's full-time job.

While at first she was on maternity leave, Lacey needed another outlet to occupy herself in the small town of 1900 people.

She previously had an online boho clothing store she had been working on the side but she found after she had children, her taste and ideas of clothing had changed.

She originally drew up a logo for a men's T-shirt and shared it with friends and family to order.

She got more orders than expected and ordered a first batch.

Then Buck Wild Country was born.


The order for family and friends founded a basis and some financial backing for the next batch so Lacey set up a website and she was well on her way.

Bit by bit, the business has grown and they have now added ladies and children's ranges and accessories as well.

They have also just opened a storefront in Middlemount which Lacey said she would have never been able to do so quickly if she was still in Townsville.

"At the start I was just going into the men's range and that's all I thought it would be, I didn't think ladies would love the men's logo as well so then I designed something for them as well," she said.

"In terms of where we are now it's more than anything I ever imagined."

In May, they celebrated their first birthday and because of the success, she has been able to be a stay-at-home mum to baby Clay who is now two, and Sadie, three.

"Middlemount has really given me the push to put 110 per cent," she said.

"Without that move I don't know where I would be .... the town has just embraced the brand.

"I never imagined Clay would be nearly two and I'm a stay-at-home mum to him.

"I'm so lucky, that was always our dream."

Buck Wild Country is heavily involved in the local rural community.

They sponsor the local football team and just the other day at a children's birthday party at the park, most of the children were wearing the Buck Wild Country clothing.

They also support the community events and go to the local rodeos and other events with a market stall.


  • Mens, womens and childrens clothing range and accessories
  • Based at Middlemount
  • buckwildcountry.com

Customers have loved the brand so much, they have ordered a number of times.

"It's just a family based business, we try to make it as personal as possible," Lacey said. "I love that I can see a customer's name and know them from previous orders or from chatting on facebook.

"We have customers from day one who have bought something for everyone in their family."

Blackwater photographer, Nita Siggins - Lifestyle Photographer, shoots their content.

"It's nice to surround yourself with inspiring people and it's great to use local businesses and photographers," Lacey said.

Part of the appeal for customers is the clothing is unique and neutral, Lacey said.

The clothing can be dressed up or down.

"The designs aren't in your face, you can still go out and not feel like you are wearing a big branded shirt," Lacey said.

They are now in the midst of releasing the second part to the winter range that will feature some more formal items, to be worn to weddings and events.

"It has been a big project," Lacey said.

But it hasn't all come easy, there have been some hurdles to overcome.

With a background in administration work, designing clothing was a whole new game for Lacey.

"I'm very go hard or go home," she said.

"Me and Brodie just sat down and drew out what we wanted.

"It wasn't that hard because I knew what I wanted and I wanted to keep giving amazing products

"I just love it so much and if you love something it's easier and support makes it even easier.

"We've had a lot of hurdles, but you have to stay committed and keep researching."

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