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Motorists ripped off over fuel

 OIL companies are ripping off Gladstone motorists, according to the RACQ.

RACQ Central Queensland regional manager Colin Goodfell said there was a vast difference between Gladstone, Bundaberg and Rockhampton fuel prices

“When you look at places like Rockhampton and Gladstone, fuel prices are elevated at the moment,” Mr Goodfell said.

They (oil companies) keep saying it's about local competition, but RACQ's argument is the competition in Bundaberg, Gladstone and Rockhampton isn't much different and quite clearly somebody in the chain is making a lot of money from regional motorists.

Petrol prices have soared in the past week despite predictions it was headed for a dollar a litre.

Petrol prices were consistently high last month despite a $6 per barrel drop in the price of refined fuel.

Nationally, the average price of a litre of unleaded is up 3.6 cents to nearly $1.23 a litre.

“We know that the Australian dollar is strong and the market for oil is down, but what we need is a continuance of a strong Australian dollar to keep the price down,” Mr Goodfell said.

“Having said that the present situation we have is certainly curious and it can only be someone in the fuel industry is benefiting at the expense of motorists.”

Mr Goodfell said people needed to understand the oil industry was not transparent.

“Unfortunately, the RACQ can't determine what's going on , but with a difference of six or seven cents a litre motorists should be justifiably unhappy that seemingly the oil industry thinks Gladstone and Rockhampton motorists have an endless supply of money to fuel their cars,” he said.

“We can't compare Gladstone to Brisbane because they run on a discount cycle and we don't get discount cycles in regional areas.

“The price difference is not justified and again the oil industry has to be held to account as to why they are charging premium prices to regional motorists.”

Tips on saving fuel

1. Slow down

2. Check your tyre pressure

3. Check your air filter

4. Accelerate with care

5. Hang with the trucks

6. Get back to nature

7. Back off the bling

8. Clean out your car

9. Downsize

10.Don't drive


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