Sad incidents are timely reminder to take care on roads

IN the space of just a few days, car crashes have had a devastating effect on the people of the Gladstone region.

With the start of school holidays, and the Easter holidays approaching these sad incidents are a timely reminder of the need to take care on our roads.

Holiday time always means more people travelling - people who would normally travel close to home and who possibly are not familiar with our highways and rural roads.

There's a golden rule about driving - you're better to be late than not at all.

While that is quite possibly not the cause of the recent crashes, it's a salient reminder that our roads are not safe places, and motor vehicles can be lethal weapons, and should be regarded as such.

Your life and your family's lives are precious.

They deserve having you take every possible care when getting into and driving a motor vehicle.

These holidays remember to respect the road, respect the rules of the road and respect the lives of people also travelling on our roads.

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