Mum assaulted teenager over daughter's school tiff

ESCALATING a schoolyard tiff on the street has landed a 31-year-old mother before Dalby Magistrates Court.

The court heard that on May 3, a 13-year-old girl was walking along High St, Jandowae, after school when she was stopped by the defendant.

An argument started between the two and the defendant grabbed the girl by the arm, holding onto her until she freed herself and walked away, the court heard.

The girl was again approached by the defendant, who then told her daughter to get out of the car and fight her, but neither wanted to throw the first punch.

The defendant then grabbed the victim by the face, turning it towards her while yelling obscenities at the girl and her hand slipped to the girl's throat. A witness stepped in and said "you don't have to choke her" and the defendant let go.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana described the incident as premeditated as the defendant drove around with her daughter looking for the victim after she failed to show at a pre-arranged fight.

"It is in relation to ... a schoolyard incident between two children that the defendant has involved herself in," she said.

Defence lawyer Alan Phillips told the court it was a "peculiar" circumstance for a common assault and the defendant had misguided reasons for her actions.

"She indicated her daughter had been coming home every day in tears for weeks," he said.

"(The offending) was in the context of trying to get them to sort out this bickering that had been going on and she was sick of seeing her daughter come home in tears every day."

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said the defendant's behaviour was immature and inappropriate.

"I don't care what went on between her and your daughter … whatever it was it did not warrant you deliberately getting in a car to find the child," she said.

"When you offend against a 13-year-old child in public, where a witness has to intervene and you end up with your hands even momentarily on the throat of a child, it's not good."

The defendant was on two suspended sentences from the Supreme and Magistrates courts at the time of the offence.

She pleaded guilty to five charges - common assault, driving without a licence, driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and with cancelled plates.

Ms Mossop found the defendant's breach of a suspended sentence was proven by her plea of guilty and she activated the three-month term but released her immediately on parole.

The defendant, who was convicted on all five offences, received a concurrent three-month sentence for the common assault but was not further punished for the traffic offences.

She will face the Toowoomba Supreme Court later this year on a charge of breaching a suspended sentence. 

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