Drug dealing mother avoids jail after turning life around

A MOTHER of a small baby has convinced a court that she should not be sent to jail for selling drugs because she had turned her life around.

Taya Anne Ferguson, 25, was sentenced to 12 months jail with immediate parole after pleading guilty to possessing, producing and supplying drugs at Camira.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday that text messages from her phone showed she had supplied or sourced ecstasy, cocaine and meth between November 2013 and February 2014.

Justice Martin Daubney said Ferguson was involved in "low-level street supply" but that selling meth was very serious.

"Every day, Ms Ferguson, parents are waking up to receive a phone call to tell them that their child is on a slab in the morgue thanks to somebody having given them (meth)," he said.

The court heard Ferguson had a two-month-old baby. The court also heard she was on bail when she committed the drug offences.

But evidence tendered from her mother said Ferguson had turned her life around since she became pregnant.

Justice Daubney said the mother's evidence graphically described the "awful change" she saw in her daughter when Ferguson turned to drugs, and the reversion when she became pregnant.

He said Ferguson had demonstrated she had rehabilitated and was doing the best to improve her life.

But Justice Daubney warned her that this was her final chance and that she would go to jail if she breached parole.


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