The Salvinia weed choking waterways at Beaumont Park, Clinton.
The Salvinia weed choking waterways at Beaumont Park, Clinton.

Mosquito breeding haven in Gladstone suburb

MOSQUITOES are breeding in plague proportions in Lakeview Estate waterways, prompting fears of an outbreak of Ross River virus or Dengue Fever by residents.

Janine Keating, who lives in Clinton, said she notified council seven weeks ago about the concerns.

Mrs Keating, who campaigned at the 2020 local government election, said council inaction was placing residents at extreme risk and devaluing properties.

She said Beaumont Park waterways are choked with the invasive weed salvinia.

Mrs Keating claimed this was the perfect mosquito larvae breeding and feeding environment, which should be removed according to legislation.

“The biodiversity act references the state legislation that requires landholders to remove invasive weeds that are on their properties,” she said.

“My current concern is about mosquitoes, because I know a heck of a lot of people who have been debilitated and have had to leave their jobs, because they have contracted things like Ross River or Dengue Fever or Barmah Forest virus.

“If we can reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding in our community we are going to have less of those incidences of fatigue inducing disease.”

Her calls haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

“I get responses but they are email responses, not action … I need action,” she said.

Mrs Keating said council took action in late May, by introducing weevils to eat the weed, which went against biosecurity best practices.

“The best practice manuals from both Queensland and NSW basically say you release weevils in spring, and you need daily temperatures of 27 to 30 degrees for the weevils to be most active,” she said.

“So our council emailed me to say they released them in late May and they have since emailed me to say they haven’t activated like they should have.”

Mrs Keating said it was not just a health risk for residents, it will also cost them financially.

“It’s devaluing the lifestyle and the real estate in allowing a mosquito haven,” she said.

“I have contacted council several times via snap send solve (taking a photo and sending details to council online), and I do get replies.”

A council spokeswoman contacted Mrs Keating via email this morning.

“I can advise that control was conducted on Friday last week and will be done on a regular basis moving forward – this is not manual or mechanical removal,” the spokeswoman wrote.

“The weevil was tried first as we live in an area with a warm climate, it was hoped it would be successful, and is a preferred option to other control.”

Council denied mosquitoes are breeding in the area.

“As previously advised our Vector control unit has inspected the area and found no signs of mosquito breeding and will continue to monitor this area,” the spokeswoman said.

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