NO team managed to break 100 in the morning session of the Gladstone Cricket A Grade Twenty20 competition on Saturday, but the runs flowed more freely in the afternoon's round.

The best score in the first round was 1-94 to BITS, but in the afternoon session The Glen's David Heymer nearly passed the BITS score himself, only stopped by the end of the match on 91 not out.

Chasing the BITS second match score of 3-137, Heymer decided the match should be finished early, taking only 12.2 overs in the chase.

"It is what we were hoping for; it was good getting two wins," Heymer said. "I just hit them pretty clean and got them quickly."

Heymer was able to do more than just get them quickly, the ball going missing after a monster six he hit during the innings.

It was a shame BITS didn't give The Glen a few more runs to chase, or that Jason Miners did not rotate the strike to Heymer, who could have had a T20 century after scoring just 10 in his first match against Yaralla.

"Miners robbed me of a century," he laughed. "It could have happened if he got singles, but I don't really care too much."

The Glen has already secured its position in the T20 final next weekend, and will have a warm-up match against Brothers to complete first on Saturday January 18.

The other match that morning will decide the opponents, with BITS and Yaralla playing for the right to challenge The Glen.


Match 1

BITS 1-94 (13.2 Overs): D. Webber - 36, B. Kelly - 27, A. Blake - 22, A. Cirson - 1-23 (3) defeated Brothers 6-89 (20 Overs): M. Shallcross - 28*, T. Sawyer - 25, M. Mole - 4-16 (4).

Match 2

The Glen 10-79 (15 Overs): L. Kirk- 22, J. Seng- 18, S. Andrew- 3-19, C. Windridge- 2-21 defeated Yaralla 10-57 (18.1 Overs): C. Windridge- 19, R. Woof- 2-7 (3), D. Levett- 2-16 (4). Run-outs- 6.

Match 3

The Glen 1-140 (12.2 Overs): D. Heymer- 91*, L. Kirk- 23, J. Miners- 18*, D. Pike- 1-33 (4) defeated BITS 3-137 (20 Overs): A. Blake- 46, B. Kelly- 40, J Ramsden- 31*, W. Lamont- 1-20 (4), D. Levett- 1-28 (4), R. Woof- 1-34 (4).

Match 4

Yaralla 10-164 (20 Overs): M. Bale- 32, N. Butler- 26, D. McAulley- 22*, D. Beatson- 4-11 (4), T. Sawyer- 2-33 (4) defeated Brothers 10/107 (20 Overs): A. Cirson- 23, W. Yunus- 4-18 (4), C. Bye- 2-21 (4).


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