More people report seeing mystery woman on road

MORE people have come forward saying they also saw a mystery woman along Gladstone-Benaraby Rd on Saturday night.

The incident has brought out all sorts of ghostly tales, but this sighting was firmly grounded in flesh and blood.

The road was shut down for half an hour on Saturday after reports of a woman wandering across the road.


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Officers went to investigate the reports at 8.30pm and confirmed they had seen the woman, but by the time they turned their car around, she had disappeared.

Nick Drew said he was travelling from Gladstone to Tannum Sands at about 9.15pm, and saw a woman about 300m past the go-kart track turn-off on the left-hand side.

"The ute travelling in front of us slammed on his brakes and we also put ours on hard," Mr Drew said.

"When we got closer I was expecting to see a kangaroo on the side on the road or something similar to make the guy slow down, but when we got a little closer there was a lady in all dark clothing trying to wave cars down, yelling."

The manager of a business in the area said the woman that was seen on Saturday night was real.

"We were working that night and she tried to get into one of our driver's trucks," he said.

"She opened the door and the driver told her to go away."

Gladstone-Benaraby Rd was reopened at 9.15pm on Saturday, and 20 minutes later ambulance officers reported seeing a woman matching the description, once again wandering across the same road.

A patrol was sent back but did not find the woman. 

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