Residents call for more bus services

THE $30m windfall from the axing of the carbon tax should be spent on increased public transport services, Gladstone residents have said.

Transport and Main Roads is conducting an online survey to find out what people want to do with the cash.

Residents have until Sunday to vote, with the choice between increased transport services or reduced fares.

Tannum Sands pensioners Eric and Lorraine Cunningham said better bus services were needed in the region.

"We catch the bus in from Tannum and there are roughly three per day," Mrs Cunningham said.

"There are fewer services during the school holidays and I'd like to see another bus run."

Mrs Cunningham said she was considering moving to Brisbane because of the lack of public transport in the region.

"You can never get home from the hospital, that's my biggest whinge," she said.

"The fares are okay, it's just the services that are no good."

Sheila Presley said that when she caught the buses they were often empty.

"I'd like to see a bus after 5pm, that's when everyone finished work and it would help them get from a to b."

Mr Cunningham said the whole $30m should be spent in Gladstone.

New Auckland resident Caitlin Neels said she used to catch the bus regularly and agreed that better services were needed.

"They're often later, or arrive early and leave without anyone," she said. "That's why people aren't using them."

Bronywn Mercer from Toolooa backed more services.

She said a more regular bus service would make it easier for people who didn't have licences.

To vote in the survey visit

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