My Kitchen Rules contestants Gracia and Tasia.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Gracia and Tasia. Channel 7

MKR's spice sisters smash ultimate instant restaurant

IT WAS double trouble on My Kitchen Rules tonight as the remaining five teams began the ultimate instant restaurant round.

In the finals round, the finalists must show judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel how much they've grown during the reality cooking competition over the past two months.

Sisters Tasia and Gracia were the first on the hotplate, serving up two options for their three-course menu.

Their Asian menu included family recipes and twists on classic Indonesian food.

"You exceeded my expectations ladies because you served it with that little steamed bun," Evans said of the spicy soft shell crab.

Feildel was equally pleased with is entrée, prawn and ginger dumplings.

"What I had here was an explosion of flavour," he said.

"Please give me the recipe (for the sauce). Its' perfectly balanced… heaven. If you can start a meal with this I'm looking forward to my Rendang big time."

Unfortunately, though, their curry didn't live up to Feildel's expectations.

"This one's not as good as my mother-in-law's," he said.

"For someone who's never had Rendang before it's probably amazing."

The standout of the main course instead was Gracia's grilled chicken.

"Everything's been treated with respect," Evans said.

"As soon as I put my fork and knife into that chicken it came away from the bone… but the sauce was the star of this dish."

The sisters' biggest drama in the kitchen came in the final course, as they struggled to fry their sesame chocolate balls.

"The ice cream itself is to die for,"Feildel said.

"I think the sesame seed ball is a little too doughy. I had to chew on it a lot before I could swallow it."

But they won over Evans, who admitted he doesn't like Asian desserts, with their mango mousse.

"That is the best Asian dessert I've ever had," he said.

"What can't you do?"

The other teams will have a hard task ahead of them to beat their score of 85, the highest ever in the ultimate instant restaurant round, which included three perfect 10s.

Frontrunners Mitch and Laura will host their ultimate instant restaurant tomorrow night.


Tasia and Gracia's menu

Entrée: Crystal prawn and ginger dumplings

Entrée: Spicy soft shell crab with pickled vegetables

Main: Beef Rendang with coconut rice and turmeric pickle

Main: Indonesian grilled chicken with sambal and tempeh

Dessert: Mango mousse with sesame nougatine

Dessert: Sesame chocolate ball with pandan ice cream

Score: 85

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