MJ on Sat'day: Christmas elf a bad dream as told by the real

I BUMPED into Santa the other night while putting up the Christmas tree and as I was about to put the shining star on top of the tree he told me this yarn which I thought I would share with you.

This is his story as he told me and let me tell you, after all these years he just loves the caring and sharing that the families of Capricornia give him and the reindeers.

The conversation started when I asked Santa, "so what do you do in your down time?". And this is what he said.

When it is not Christmas, I love to make toys. I love when families come together. I love all the good food. I love the songs. I love the joy. I love the laughter. I love it all.

Yesterday, an elf came to me in tears. He had a dream, a nightmare!

In the nightmare, Christmas was cancelled! There would be no Christmas!

This is what the Elf said.

It was a regular day in December. Many people from around the world were preparing for Christmas.

Then aliens appeared and fired their humbug lasers and Christmas was gone.

All trace of Christmas was zapped. It all went in their spaceship. They stole Christmas and then they flew away. People were sad.

But, life went on. It did not make much difference at first. Children went to school. Adults went to work. Kids played. People ate food. Life was much the same.

Then December 25 got closer. No one was chopping down Christmas trees. The forests were getting darker because of all the trees.

No one was buying turkeys to eat on Christmas day but the pigs were getting nervous. There were more turkey's running around. The turkeys went to live in the dark forests.

No one was singing Christmas carols, which made everyone sad. No one was buying Christmas presents, so all the stores across the world closed.

Families were not travelling to spend Christmas day together. All of the planes and trains were thrown in the garbage. The world was a sad place.

Then December 25 came. That used to be Christmas day before it was stolen.

Children woke up but there was no Christmas!

There were no presents, no toys, no food, no families, no nothing. They screamed. The world screamed. They scared the scrub turkeys living in the forests. There were probably a billion scrub turkeys. They ran out of the forests and took over the world.

Then the elf woke up.

No Christmas? Noooooo!

Thankfully, it had all been a dream.

No Christmas! I cannot imagine Christmas being stolen. What would we do without it? Can you imagine a world without Christmas?

Without me? I do not want to think about that bad dream anymore.

So that was his story and what an amazing story. It stayed with me and I thought I should share this with you. Let's never let this happen.

We should always stick together and support our local traders because without them it could became a lonely place.

So this Christmas please shop and buy locally as we have only 16 more sleeps to spread the joy this festive season.

Have you ever had a bad Christmas dream? Love to hear your story so give me a call at 4cc on 49 722 700 from 5am this Monday.

Join Michael J Bailey weekdays from 5am on your Station 4CC.

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