Gladstone unlikely to get full postal voting

FULL postal voting in Gladstone at the next state election is unlikely to be supported by the Queensland Government.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli has told Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett it is unlikely he will support a postal vote for the Gladstone region.

The Observer published a story on October 24 after councillors decided to request a postal ballot.

Cr Burnett recently attended a meeting with Mr Crisafulli in Cairns.

"He indicated it wasn't his preference. He didn't think it was very successful in Mackay and it's unlikely he would support it for Gladstone," Cr Burnett said. 

Cr Burnett is strongly in favour of a postal ballot for his region.

Mr Crisafulli is expected to officially write to Gladstone Regional Council with his decision.

Do you support full postal voting at the next election?

This poll ended on 31 December 2014.

Current Results

Yes, it would be convenient and save money


No. I like going to the booths


No. Where would I get my Saturday morning sausage sizzle?


Yes. We're all busy people


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