How to give body and mind a deep clean

AFTER we've released the stored toxins that prevent the free flow of energy and information throughout our entire physiology, we can engage in practices of rejuvenation that nurture our vitality and well-being.

A suggestion would be to try a detoxification program you can do at home.

Recognize the value of regular cleansing and rejuvenation, and practice something which includes a simplified natural diet, massage treatments, herbal supplementation, a mind-body consultation, meditation, and yoga.

The detox and cleanse helps to restore your balance and can create a major life change.

Allocate a week or at least an extended weekend to disengage as much as possible from the outside world.

As best you can, create a sacred space for yourself where you won't be bothered or distracted.

A thorough program of cleansing and rejuvenation could include:

Practice meditation and deep breathing - The practice of meditation and deep breathing restores our mind-body to a place of harmony and unity with our true nature.

You can try this meditation right now by finding a quiet place to sit comfortably.

Now close your eyes and put your attention on the inhale and exhale of your breath.

If your mind drifts away from your breath, gently return it to the object of your focus.

Try this for a few minutes and observe how your body and mind feel both before and after the practice.

The healing breath - Deep breathing is a yogic practice that is profoundly relaxing and cleansing.

There are many different techniques.

For the purpose of the cleanse, I suggest that you practice the alternate nostril breathing technique each day known as nadi shodhana.

Many gyms or health clubs have saunas; if you don't already belong to one, you could find one in your area offering a free trial week.

If none of these options are available to you, you can run a very hot bath or shower to create a sauna effect, or sit in a warm tub.

Listen to your body to guide you as far as the proper amount of time to heat the body.

Because there are different mind-body types, some may feel ready to step out of the sauna or shower after 5-10 minutes, while others can remain for 15-20 minutes.

Placing a cool, moist cloth on your head reduces the chance of light-headedness and allows the head to stay cool while the body heats up.

Sit quietly and imagine the stored toxicity being mobilized and eliminated. Drink plenty of water.

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