Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller
Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller Alistair Brightman

Miller asked to apologise for sacking comment

A DISPUTE between two parliamentary ethics committee members has seen the Crime and Misconduct Commission investigate one and the other apologise to parliament.

Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller has been asked to apologise after she told Queensland Parliament an electoral officer in Logan MP Michael Pucci's office, who ran against Ms Miller in 2012, had been "unlawfully employed".

Before running against Ms Miller for Bundamba, Michael Kitzelmann left his public service job and signed an agreement not to work for the government for three years.

However, after the election he began working for Mr Pucci.

Ms Miller spoke about it in parliament in February and May and referred the matter to the then CMC.

Mr Kitzelmann left the job, which Ms Miller said was due to him being "sacked".

Mr Pucci took the statements to the ethics committee claiming: it was the Parliamentary Service, not himself, which employed Mr Kitzelmann, Mr Kitzelmann was not unlawfully employed, his actions were not subject to a CMC investigation, and Mr Kitzelmann resigned rather than being sacked.

The committee found Mr Pucci had not unlawfully employed Mr Kitzelmann but he had possibly breached his agreement to not do government work.

It found Mr Kitzelmann had resigned and was not sacked.

However, Ms Miller was found to be correct in her accusation Mr Pucci and Mr Kitzelmann had been referred to the CMC.

The committee found Ms Miller's statements were not a breach of privilege or in contempt of parliament, however, she was asked to apologise to parliament.


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