'Suffering': Brickie caught with nunchucks, drug cutting agent

A CALLIOPE brickie has been jailed after he was busted with methylamphetamine, seven mobile phones, a drug cutting agent, wooden nunchuks and fireworks.

In sentencing the man, Judge Michael Burnett said the problem of ice in Central Queensland was a cause of grief and woe, and a scourge on the community.

Christopher Lee Stone, 39, pleaded guilty in the District Court at Gladstone to having 2.173 grams of methylamphetamine at Calliope on September 17 last year, with the Crown saying it was to be used for speed or ice.

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Christopher Lee
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Stone also pleaded guilty to lesser charges: possession of drug smoking pipes, clip seal bags to be used in a drug offence, possessing restricted items nunchaku (nunchuks) and a wooden billy club and having a prohibited explosive -fireworks.

In agreed facts put by Crown prosecutor Sam Bain, police searched Stone's house and garage at 7.30am on September 17 and found various amounts of crystalline substances, methylamphetamine.

A blowtorch, two butane cannisters, electronic scales, large quantity of clip seal bags held codral tablets and eight trays of of six pseudo hydrochloride 30mg tablets, and nine glass pipes.

The 2.173 grams of methylamphetamine was analysed as having 74.4% purity.

Mr Bain said having precursors to produce either ice or speed showed how close to the source Stone was.

Stone also had MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which was a common cutting agent. The seven mobile phones had all been blank with no texts.

Judge Michael Burnett then inquired about the quantity of speed or ice that could be produced from the ingredients found and potential for street level drug sales.

Mr Bain said a quantity of cash was found but returned to Stone after he provided bank details to account for it.

However, Mr Bain said the most serious aspect of the offence was the element of commerciality and the Crown sought a minimum head sentence of 12 months jail.

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand said Stone accepts he was to be sentenced on the basis of there being a commercial element.

He sought immediate release to parole on the basis Stone had only minor previous offences and a new girlfriend who was a positive influence.

Judge Burnett said the drugs in part had been for personal use but there was a strong element of commerciality which no doubt was to support his own drug use.

"I sit on the bench and hear the problems of ice in Central Queensland and the tales of grief, woe and the destruction drugs, methylamphetamine cause," he said.

"It is a scourge. And people involved only exacerbate the suffering."

He said there was a need for community protection and general deterrence in sentencing.

Stone was sentenced to 15 months jail and ordered to serve three months jail with the remainder of the sentence suspended for 2 1/2 years.

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