Men drop down ladder

PORT City Power have slipped from eighth position on the ladder to ninth after a five-point loss in yesterday’s home game.

Port City Power men’s took on the South West Metro Pirates in a close-call home game at Kev Broome Stadium yesterday.

After Round 8 of the QBL State Championship Port Power were eighth on the ladder with the South West Metro Pirates fourth.

In Round 9 of the championship the Pirates won 89-85 over Power.

Coach Blair Smith described it as a physical and intense game.

“Ray Canady played his first game with the Power only arriving from the USA on Friday and hadn’t even trained with us,” Blair said.

“We need to get some training done with him. We probably should have won this game, but it didn’t go our way. It was a tough game.”

Raymond Canady was the Power’s top scorer with 29 points followed by Derrick McDonald scoring 19 points and Keith Borgan on 13 points.

Borgan spent 40 minutes on court for the Power, with Canady playing for 38 minutes and Dale Iwanicki 34 minutes.

Canady scored 12 from 19 field goals giving him a 63.2% score rate.

McDonald shot eight from 16 field goals and Borgan and Blair Smith each shot five from 13 field goals.

McDonald scored two out of three three-pointers along with Borgan’s one from three and Iwanicki’s nil from six attempts.

Borgan shot two from two free throws, Canady five from eight and Iwanicki and Aaron Nagas each scored two from two attempts.

The first quarter ended in a 20-20 tie, followed by a one-point lead from the Pirates 47-46 at half-time.

The Power jumped back into the lead 69-65 at the end of the third quarter, but couldn’t quite get there for the 89-84 final score to the Pirates.

The Power averaged 40.2% shooting 33 from 82 field goals, but only 21.4% in the three-pointers shooting three from 14 attempts.

A much higher rate of 65.2% was achieved by Power in free throws, scoring 15 out of 23 attempts.

The Power have had three wins and two losses in their past five matches.

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