LITTLE Sonny Brown may have arrived five days late but for his Agnes Water parents James and Lisa he couldn't have chosen a better date.

Sonny arrived at 7.50am on January 1, making him the first baby born in 2015 for the region.

Mr Brown said the date was extra special as he now shares a birthday with his late great-grandfather, Alan Brown.

"When we found out the due date was December 27th I joked to Lisa and said wouldn't it be nice if he was born on granddad's birthday and he was," Mr Brown said.

The father of four said his grandfather was previously the mayor of Maryborough and a respectable man who passed away in 2008.

"My grandma drove straight up from Maryborough this morning when she found out," Mr Brown said.

"She was overwhelmed and cried with joy."

"We gave Sonny two middle names because we had to name him after him, so his name is Sonny James Alan Brown."

Sonny's mother said it was lucky they had a doctor's appointment yesterday at the Bundaberg Hospital who advised the family to stay in town overnight as the birth of their child wasn't too far away.

"We live in Agnes but I'm relieved we stayed here after my waters broke at 3.30am," Mrs Brown said.

With a birth that went like clockwork, Mr and Mrs Brown and siblings Archie, 13, Luca, 10 and Wil, 8, are all smiles and were excited to welcome a new addition to the family.

When asked if he would hope Sonny to turn out like his great-grandpa and be respectable, Mr Brown replied as any proud father would.

"I'll be proud of him no matter what - he's my boy," he said.

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