Meet the candidates for Callide.
Meet the candidates for Callide. Nastco

Meet the candidates for Callide

FIVE candidates will contest the electorate of Callide at the upcoming state election.

Callide has been held by retiring Liberal National Party MP Jeff Seeney since 1998.

Recent changes to electoral boundaries now places Calliope within the Callide electorate.

Candidate profiles are listed below in alphabetical order:


Name: Jaiben Baker, Greens candidate for Callide.

Greens candidate for Callide, Jaiben Baker.
Greens candidate for Callide, Jaiben Baker. Greens Queensland

Profile: I'm a fifth generation farmer from this region and have strong ties to the community.

I'm proud to have returned to my home town of Monto with my family to begin to establish our local business, which is a market garden and nature-based tourism venture near Cania Gorge.

In the past I have worked in piggeries, forestry, cropping, cattle and citrus growing industries.

After gaining an environmental science degree I moved into environmental work in the Queensland Government, construction, mining and gas sectors.

I'm proud of my roots in this region and want to be a real alternative to the old parties who prop up a broken system.

I plan to listen to people as I travel around the electorate but already I see three core ways we can better support our communities;

1) Reverse rural decline by supporting farmers and communities with incentives to diversify their businesses to become more ecologically sustainable and protect their livelihoods from mining exploitation.

2) Bring down high energy pricing and invest in renewable energy sources.

3) Ban corporate donations which influence decisions not necessarily in the best interest of rural areas.

I'd be honoured to be supported by the people of Callide and look forward to talking with them during the campaign.

If I could have one superpower it would be: I would be Monkey from Monkey Magic so I could bring peace to the world - and get to ride on clouds!


Name: Darren Blackwood, Labor candidate for Callide.

ALP candidate for Callide, Darren Blackwood at the Calliope River Historical Village Markets.
ALP candidate for Callide, Darren Blackwood at the Calliope River Historical Village Markets. Andrew Thorpe

Profile: I'm a second generation coal miner and a married father of three children aged 18, 20 and 22.

I'm standing for Callide because I'm a local who understands our region.

I grew up here, went to Biloela State High School, began my working life at the Teys Bros Abattoir and have worked at the Callide Coal Mine as a production technician for the past 25 years.

I have always been actively involved in our community through not-for- profit organisations where I volunteered and my passion for helping community projects and people.

I believe in a fair go for everyone. I will always stand up for local jobs, services and infrastructure.

I know we need to keep our assets in public hands and give priority to local businesses and workers so that local jobs are created in our communities.

I understand the angst of local people affected by boundary changes to Calliope.

I will work hard to ensure Calliope is not forgotten within the seat of Callide.

I want to continue the good work that Glenn Butcher and Queensland Labor have done for this community in the past term.

Significantly, the ALP is committed to providing Calliope with a new high school if returned to government.

I am asking the people of Callide and Calliope to trust that my passion for our communities to prosper will make me the best candidate for the job.

If I could have one superpower it would be: To give everyone in Queensland a permanent job.


Name: Colin Boyce, LNP candidate for Callide.

Colin Boyce is the LNP candidate for Callide.
Colin Boyce is the LNP candidate for Callide. Contributed

Profile: I have lived and worked around the Taroom District for over 30 years.

My wife Terri and I have three young adult children.

I was a councillor on the Taroom Shire Council prior to amalgamations.

At Taroom I run a beef cattle and farming property.

I am a qualified boiler maker and run a small engineering workshop with my two sons.

Recently I spent several years working in the gas industry as a pipe welder in particular the CSG gas pipelines to Curtis Island.

I have also worked for many years as an earthmoving contractor in mining, gas and agriculture.

Off farm income has been an integral part of me being able to own my own rural property and to build on this agricultural business.

Only the LNP has a plan for Regional Queensland.

Including our Economic Plan released yesterday, the LNP has so far released 58 positive policies for Queensland, which will create jobs, drive down the cost of living, support families, and foster safe and liveable communities.

The LNP will invest in the roads, bridges and dams that Queensland needs to get moving again and we will bring back our $500 million Royalties for Regions program to ensure that regions get their fair share of wealth they create for our state.

Callide is an economic powerhouse for the state of Queensland.

Over the coming weeks, the LNP will be announcing a number of fully funded commitments for the people of Callide and Calliope.

If I could have one superpower it would be: It would be to be able to walk around the electorate of Callide in the same time as a Brisbane MP would take to walk around their electorate.


Name: Sharon Lohse, One Nation candidate for Callide.

One Nation candidate for Callide, Sharon Lohse.
One Nation candidate for Callide, Sharon Lohse. Contributed

Profile: I am very proud to be standing as One Nation candidate in the great seat of Callide.

Over my life time, conducting a partnership in a beef cattle business, raising and educating my children for 15 years through Distance Education and living in a rural community, I am very aware of challenges associated with rural and remote communities.

I believe that property rights are at the heart of issues negatively impacting landholders and consequently all Queenslanders.

The erosion of private property rights creates uncertainty, stifles investment, job creation and threatens incomes and service delivery.

Oppressive and impractical vegetation management laws and the manipulation of land tenure for the purpose of land acquisition is being driven by political agendas.

These are impacting on the productivity and security of our businesses, with grim flow-on impacts for all of Queensland's economic prosperity and ultimately the food security of our Country.

Furthermore, the landholders in the areas of the CSG industry, are desperate for a political party that will listen to their concerns of contamination, intimidation and broken or inappropriate landholder agreements.

Limited health services with interim visiting doctors in rural hospitals, is not a desirable situation.

Along with poor road infrastructure, and limited or no internet services, to name just a few issues.

Our policy for an apprenticeship inducement scheme where government provides financial support to employers to cover a percentage of apprentice wages while they gain skills and qualifications will be implemented.

A coal fired power station will be built in the North and remain Government owned, and another suitably near a mine and existing infrastructure.

These jointly will bring security, affordable power, jobs and consequently prosperity throughout QLD.

If I could have one superpower it would be: Wonder Woman.


Name: Robbie Radel, Katter's Australian Party candidate for Callide.

Katter's Australian Party candidate for Callide, Robbie Radel (right) and Robbie Katter at Calliope.
Katter's Australian Party candidate for Callide, Robbie Radel (right) and Robbie Katter at Calliope. contributed

Profile: I was born in Biggenden, Queensland, and was raised and educated in Coalstoun Lakes where I grew up on my family dairy farm.

I am a fourth generation dairy farmer and still work my family farm of 115 years.

I still own and operate my own dairy farm in Biggenden and hold a strong passion for breeding quality stud dairy cattle of the highest genetic value.

I was a capable sports person in my younger years and enjoyed playing at a representative level, tennis, rugby league and cricket. I am now a passionate supporter of Brisbane Broncos rugby league.

I have been a community volunteer for 22 years in the Biggenden Apex club, which demonstrates my commitment to bettering communities.

I am currently a Divisional Councillor on the North Burnett Regional Council and thoroughly enjoy my role in local government.

During my time serving on council I have identified the necessity in a region having a strong and competent voice at a state level.

I identified very quickly in my role on council that Callide is severely lacking in state representation and it is an issue that I feel very strongly about.

This was the deciding factor in making my decision to run at the next state election.

Like so many others, I hold no confidence in either of the two major parties and wanted to work with a party that was unashamedly 100% for rural and regional Queensland.

I have found that match with the KAP and I am very excited to be supported by such values at this upcoming election.

I have a very strong moral compass. I believe I am a man of integrity and have an immense sense of justice.

If elected I will work extremely hard for all the people of Callide and will represent their views to the best of my ability.

As a father of six and business owner, I fully appreciate the financial pressures being placed on families and business of all sizes by skyrocketing electricity prices and the need to get it under control.

If I could have one superpower it would be: Reading people's minds in a professional capacity, that way I could object in parliament if I knew someone was lying, although I suspect that may be a full-time job.

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