'Mass medication': Scientist's plea to follow Gladstone

FORMER medical lab scientist Merilyn Haines is hopeful Mackay Council will follow suit from Gladstone in its vote on if it should ditch fluoride.

>>'Toxic chemical': Gladstone woman tells of 'agony' from fluoride

This month Ms Haines will speak at a town hall meeting in Mackay where she will deliver her reasons for why she is against fluoridating a town's water supply.

"I think the Gladstone vote is wonderful," president of Queensland Safe Water Ms Haines said.




"It's unethical mass medication."

"I would imagine in the next few months there will be a proportion of Gladstone residents who may have experienced gut pains and dermatitis will have those symptoms ease because of this decision."

>>Gladstone's 'anti-fluoridation cowboys' won with 'fear campaign': Opinion

Since 2008 Queensland councils have had the option to fluoridate their towns water supply.

Gladstone's vote made it the 26th council to reject it.

Ms Haines said she was not contacted by the Gladstone Regional Council for information about fluoridation prior to the vote.

"I think as the councillors were getting community feedback they realised there were a lot of people in Gladstone who didn't want fluoridated water.

"The way I see it is if there is just 10% of people who don't want fluoridated water then they shouldn't be forced to drink it."

Ms Haines will be joined by Australian Dental Association's Michael Foley at the Mackay public meeting.

Mr Foley will explain why the council should chose to continue to add fluoride to its towns water supply.

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