THE explosive end to "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?" sets "Step In The Arena" up as the episode in which Luke Cage makes his move.

While Cage's motivation was explored in the opening three episodes, it is this week he gains the last component: revenge.

Cage is literally trapped both physically and psychologically as he is forced to fight through both present and past circumstances.

Flashbacks uncover what Cage was like during his imprisonment, which isn't overly different to the personality Cage not possesses: he's happy work alone, and opts not to trust anyone while inside.

It is also during that time Cage receives his first offer to become what he is today - the request to fight and he rumour of in-house experiments.

This episode is when both Mike Colter, actor, and Cage, character, shines. Colter is the perfect Luke Cage.

From the current Cage we've seen in his battles - both physical and psychological - to the younger Cage who is doing all he can to survive in prison.

The vulnerable fresh prisoner, the novice fighter, the hardened man with a plan to the hunted, Colter, as Cage, does it all spectacularly.

The final moment sets Cage apart from his Netflix series predecessors, and it's something that could play a major role both moving towards not only the season's climax, but future series The Defenders.

Keep an eye out for a nod to Luke Cage's classic look and a number of unmissable references to the comic book series.

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