DISCOVERY is the central theme in the second episode but it is the way information is learned that gives "Code of the Streets" its name.

Luke Cage partially accepted his superhuman ability, and the role he can play in protecting his community, in the final scene of the first episode.

Having established his strength, the story's focus shifts to his ability to find out information and, more importantly, find people.

At the request (order) of Pops, Cage puts his ear to his to the ground to find Chico, the third but only surviving member of the failed arms deal.

Misty Knight, a Harlem police detective, is revealed in the pilot but comes into her own in the second episode.

Simone Missick's detective is shown to be very good at her job. So good, Missick described her character's ability to deduce what happened at crime scenes as a "superpower" in an interview, and we get our first glimpse of that in the first minutes.

It is a skill that could lead her and Cage to each other again.

Chico's whereabouts is the pivotal plot point in this episode: Pops and Cage want to find him for protection, Knight wants to find him in the course of their investigation, and Cottonmouth simply wants his money back.

As you expect, when someone steals from a crime boss it generally doesn't end well for the thief.

And when that happens, there is potential for bystanders to be caught in the crossfire.

Woman injured in New Auckland crash

premium_icon Woman injured in New Auckland crash

Paramedics attended the crash site on Penda Avenue last night

New servo coming to Kirkwood

premium_icon New servo coming to Kirkwood

The service station will be the fifth within a ten minute drive

The Smith Family celebrate support of 300 local students

premium_icon The Smith Family celebrate support of 300 local students

The children's education charity celebrates one year in Gladstone.