Ken O’Dowd
Ken O’Dowd

Nervous wait for candidates

NERVE-WRACKING days are ahead for candidates fighting for the Federal seat of Flynn.

Labor Party’s sitting member Chris Trevor and Liberal National Party-endorsed candidate Ken O’Dowd have only five days of campaigning left, hitting the pavement as much as possible to try to secure more votes ahead of Saturday’s polling day.

Already there have been reports of the LNP receiving more dollars in the betting ring in the past week, while gamblers have not hedged bets at all on Labor to win Flynn.

Other polls show Labor in front, by a margin, with predictions this weekend’s Federal election will come down to the wire.

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan, during the local Labor Party’s campaign launch, said Labor was the underdog in this election, particularly in the seat of Flynn.

It seems the LNP feels a bit the same with leader of the Nationals in the Senate, Senator Barnaby Joyce, saying on Sunday that he wasn’t feeling confident as there were no clear favourites.

Mr Trevor said he felt the campaign was going really well.

“Not much sleep and a lot of travel,” he said.

“Any more than four hours sleep at night during the last week is wasted time.”

Mr Trevor said he was very nervous for his family, staff, supporters, Gladstone, Flynn and himself.

“I think at this late stage Julia will win but it could come down to a handful of votes in Flynn,” he said.

“It will take weeks to decide.”

Mr O’Dowd said he was looking forward to the campaigning being over, win or lose.

“The suspense is killing me,” he said.

“It’s been a good adventure. It’s been a good challenge. I don’t think I could have done anything more than what I’ve done.”

Mr O’Dowd said going by the polls, he thinks the election outcome was going to be very tight either way.

“If the polls are believable, it could be a while before the election is decided.

“As for Flynn, I think it’s going to be very close,” he said.

“The sitting member (Trevor) you think would be the favourite.

“If he’s not the favourite, it must come down to the policies of both parties.

“I think the mining tax and the ETS and the fishing problems could be the telling factors.”

The electorate of Flynn was redistributed in 2007 with a 7.7 per cent margin for the Nationals, but a massive swing to the ALP saw the seat won by Chris Trevor by a slim margin of 2.2 per cent against Nationals’ Glenn Churchill.

Mr Trevor faced eight candidates in the race for the seat of Flynn in 2007 but only faces five this election, including Family First’s Di Hancock-Mills, Greens’ Anne Goddard, Democratic Labor’s John McMahon, Mr O’Dowd and Independent Duncan Scott.

According to Centrebet website, Mr O’Dowd is the favourite with the betting agency offering to pay out $1.42 against Mr Trevor’s $2.73.

“I have no interest in Centrebet but we remain confident again despite being the underdog just as I was at the last election,” Mr Trevor said.

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