The Kroombit Farmstay Experience is set to close at the end of the month after it was damaged by Cyclone Marcia.
The Kroombit Farmstay Experience is set to close at the end of the month after it was damaged by Cyclone Marcia. Kroombit Farmstay

Kroombit farmstay damage not covered by insurance

MORE than two decades of memories will be all that's left of the Kroombit farmstay at the end of the month.

Owners Carol and Alan Sandilands said the damage from Cyclone Marcia was too great for them to rebuild.

"We have more than $1 million worth of damage here that insurance won't cover because it's (caused by) water and not wind," Mr Sandilands said.

>> Kroombit Park set to close due to cyclone damage

>> More on the cyclone clean-up here

"And at this stage there is no cyclone relief that we can apply for.

"It's hard to believe it took 21 years to build and 20 minutes to knock it down."

At first the couple powered through a clean-up, running off adrenaline, but once they had to start cancelling bookings the reality sank in.

"A lot of people have tried to help, and our international friends in England have even started up a help fund and we thank them, but we've made up our minds."

To add to the couple's pain, a newly installed eco waste system has gone to waste.

"A couple of years back we had to put in this new waste system," Mr Sandilands said.

"It cost us a quarter of a million dollars and now what was it for?"

Mr Sandilands said the main house was fine because they built it themselves, but the 200-person accommodation was gone.

The Kroombit Park family will host a barbecue with tea and coffee at noon on March 29 for all the people who helped in the clean up at Kroombit.

What you said on social media:

Tracey Ryland: So very sad to hear this. What a truly amazing place, I will never forget.

Caroline Fraser: I arrived for a few days and stayed for 18 months. That's the effect Kroombit has. I was made to feel like part of the family.

Lara Vanderstaay: So sorry to hear this. I had a wonderful time at Kroombit with a school camp in 1997. Such a special place. Wishing you all the best and thank you for the great memories.

Lois Blinco: From humble beginnings, through tough times, you have created a true Aussie experience.

From locals, to foreigners, you welcomed them into your own special part of the world. Some to remember, some to experience and see things they could nowhere else in the world.

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