Man convicted for trespass

A MAN with an 11-page criminal history appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court last Thursday charged with trespass and knowingly not refraining from noise abatement.

Leon Shane Yow Yeh pleaded guilty to the offences.

Police prosecutor Constable Troy Daubaras told the court that at 8.30pm on August 26 Yow Yeh was charged with trespass after he went into the Yaralla Sports Club when he knew he was banned from the premises. Then on September 23 police attended to a noise complaint at a Barney Point address. A noise abatement order was issued to the tenant of the house.

The tenant asked police to remove all the noisy people from his house.

Yow Yeh wouldn't stop yelling and screaming so police charged him with knowingly not restraining from noise abatement. Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said his client accepted the fact that he went to Yaralla Sports Club when he was banned.

“The other incident relating to noise abatement happened when my client was drunk and in an argument with his sister,” Mr Krebs said.

The unemployed Yow Yeh was fined $250 or three days jail for trespassing and $250 or three days jail for noise abatement. Convictions were recorded for both offences.

Meanwhile, Michael James Stewart pleaded guilty to driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle.

Police intercepted Stewart at 4pm on September 27 on Boyne Island Road, Boyne Island.

Const Daubaras said Stewart had just bought the car and it hadn't been registered. The defendant, who represented himself, said he had just moved here from New Zealand and didn't understand the laws in Australia. Magistrate Damian Carroll fined Stewart $150 or two days jail for the unregistered offence and $300 or four days jail for being uninsured, with convictions recorded.

Also in court, Barry Bedelph pleaded guilty to driving without a valid licence.

Const Daubaras told the court police intercepted Bedelph at 1.30pm on September 14 on the Bruce Highway at Raglan. He produced his licence but checks showed he had been disqualified on July 2 for two years. He told police he was aware of the disqualification. His vehicle was seized.

“Your driving record is terrible. This offence is contemptuous disregard and disrespect to an order of the court,” Magistrate Carroll told the defendant.

Bedelph was fined $1200 or 15 days jail and disqualified from driving for two years.

“Your two-year disqualification will follow your other two-year disqualification, so you will be off the road for four years. You will go to jail if you drive again,” Mr Carroll said.

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