Man's coward attack on men's shelter volunteer at church

A VOLUNTEER'S efforts to provide a Gladstone man with food and a bed to sleep in were rewarded with a punch to the face and a broken wrist in a sickening attack outside a church.

Trevor James Johnson was sentenced to jail after he pleaded guilty via video from jail in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday.

He faced charges of: assault occasioning bodily harm, public nuisance, two counts of failing to appear and contravene police direction.

In court documents viewed by The Observer it was revealed the attack on the men's shelter volunteer occurred about 10.20am on April 20.

Johnson, 36, was sitting outside the Anglican Parish of Gladstone at 70 Auckland St when the volunteer approached and asked Johnson if he needed help.

Johnson asked the man for a bus ticket to Taree in New South Wales. The volunteer told Johnson the parish manager was away and could not organise a bus ticket but could provide him with a bed to sleep in and food.

Johnson again asked for the bus ticket and again, the volunteer told him he could not help.

The volunteer turned and walked away but moved his head slightly when he heard footsteps behind him.

Johnson came from behind and punched the volunteer's face, causing the man to fall on the ground and break his wrist.

The documents revealed the victim needed surgery with pins and plates.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said her client was a father but described him as "a man alone in this world".

She said Johnson was learning to manage his anger but the court was told he had received several terms of imprisonment for violent offending.

An 18-month jail term was imposed.

Johnson will be released on parole on November 6.

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