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‘Manly’ tips to help survive heartbreak

IT WAS just over a month ago, when Jess silently watched James leave their apartment. There was nothing she could say to him to stop him from leaving.

The relationship had ended but for her, the love still remained. I could see she was holding onto her tears, when she asked me "How do you move on?" I started to think, how I had moved on in the past.

Suddenly, I was undone by sadness myself. Why didn't Sofia love me? But this was about Jess, not me and that redheaded succubus.

I needed to be the good friend. When I had moved on from Sofia, I remember it did take time but there was some advice I received from my old friend Google that helped.

We all become a member of the heartbreak club at one point. Whether it be the end of a marriage, a relationship or an unrequited love (like Sofia and me), it is hard to move on.

It brings us to our knees, making us near impossible to be around, prone to crying to random songs on the radio and depending on the person, drinking copious amounts of alcohol or eating family blocks of chocolate. So how do we move on? There is no easy way but here is the Man About Town's guide to making the road a little bit smoother.

Write "never to be sent" letters. Henry Miller once penned, "The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature." While not all of us have the ability to write poetry, writing a letter to unleash the pain can help a lot. Just don't get drunk and send it.

Find your single self again. Remember that guy/girl that had "inner Rayban" cool? Partied every night? Find that person again and party like it's 1999. Spend time with those friends you've been ignoring while you were dating.

Allow yourself time to be sad. Holding in your feelings only pickles the pain. Give yourself time to open the jar and cry a little.

Write a list of attributes you want in your future Mr/Miss Perfect. It's probably going to be a list of things you didn't like about your ex but thinking about someone else will help.

Allow yourself some distance from them: stop sending drunk text messages and stalking them on Facebook. Out of sight, out of mind. If you still want a friendship, come back after you have moved on.

In the end, it will take time for Jess to move on from James but following these five tips will help her survive. We invest a lot of ourselves in our relationships, it's only natural if something feels like it's missing when a relationship ends and if by chance "The Five" is not enough, maybe take Rhys "the lady's man's" advice.

"The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else"... in a romantic sense, of course.

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