Eric Cantona does his own thing.
Eric Cantona does his own thing.

Legend’s shocking penis video goes viral

WHEN you've posted a PR bungle so bad even Piers Morgan is taking digs at you, you know you've slipped up.

Everyone's put something on their Instagram they know they probably shouldn't have. But former France and Manchester United football star Eric Cantona went next level overnight.

For reasons known to absolutely nobody, the 52-year-old posted a video of himself holding a tablet. But it was what was playing on the screen in his hands that really cracked everyone up.

Cantona's clip of the week was a naked man who used his penis to crush an egg on his stomach while lying down. For real.

The post immediately went viral as the former Manchester United star's name popped up on the trending list on Twitter.

Instagram does not allow nudity on its platform and the video was taken down by the social media site after being live for about two hours.

Seconds before lift-off.
Seconds before lift-off.

Cantona has form for posting odd photos and videos on Insta, but this is strange even for him.

He often sends supportive photos and messages to his former club United, the club he won four Premier League titles with and where he redefined English football. This probably isn't one of them.

Twitter exploded in incredulity at what they'd seen, with iconic TV personality Morgan leading the reaction.

Obviously we can't show you the clip here, but you get the idea.

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