Man who killed wife and step-daughter appeals life sentence

DOUBLE murderer Rodney Michael Cherry has been denied a chance to appeal to his life sentence for killing his wife and step-daughter in Roma.

More than 11 years have passed since the former Springsure man was convicted for the brutal murders and given a mandatory non-parole period of 20 years.

His failed attempt to appeal was based on a legal loophole relating to 537 days he spent in custody for drugs and weapons charges, which were later dropped.

Cherry's lawyers argued they were not taken into account in his sentencing and the judge's decision was therefore illegal.

Appeals Court Justices Margaret McMurdo, Hugh Fraser and Philip Morrison remained "unpersuaded that the interests of justice" warranted granting an appeal after 11 years.

They found the 2002 sentence was lawful and "the applicant's appalling murder offences render it unlikely he would be considered as a serious candidate for release or parole" even after 20 years.

Cherry handed his step-daughter a pistol and had her kill her mother, Annette Cherry (nee Guise), 36, in Roma in 1997.

He then murdered another of his step-daughters, Kira Ranee Guise, 17, in Roma in 1999.

Cherry had been having a sexual relationship with the girl before she was 16 and believed she knew of his role in her mother's killing.


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