Man walking around Australia is in Gladstone today

A YOUNG man walking around Australia to raise money for children affected by brain cancer will be in Gladstone on Tuesday afternoon.

Jimmy Harrington, 20, started Jimmy's Walk for Cancer after meeting a young girl who later died from a brain tumour.

Jimmy, from Adelaide, met Emily Crook while he was working in a local cafe. Emily was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor when he first met her and during that time he saw her go downhill quickly.

Emily had fought cancer many times over the course of her short life, and was in and out of hospital from the age of three.

She passed away a week before her ninth birthday, and ever since hearing the sad news Jimmy had wanted to do something to help a children's cancer charity.

He has planned to walk around Australia, visiting cities and towns along the way, covering more than 18,000km of land while collecting funds and raising awareness.

He hopes to raise $300,000.

Teaming up with the Brainchild Foundation, Jimmy will be raising money and awareness of the Brisbane-based charity.

Jimmy has said he always knew that someday he wanted to help the world.

"Making people smile is what I love doing and if I can do that for the rest of my life, you could count me as one of the happiest guys alive," he said.

Jimmy arrived in Gladstone on Monday night, and will be at Prince Regent Esplanade at Barney Point from 2-4pm on Tuesday. More information is available on his website here and on Facebook.

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