Man honest about idiocy of spitting at driver, stealing fuel

"I'M A bloody idiot."

A pretty honest self-assessment was offered up by Brendan Leonard Watts in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday, after he pleaded guilty to individual charges of stealing and common assault.

Police prosecutor Emma Bonnyman read out the facts of two separate incidents in which Watts was involved, the first, on January 29, a mindless attack at Tannum Sands Shopping Centre.

After driving the wrong way down a one-way lane in the car park, Watts stopped his car level with the driver's side of the oncoming vehicle and spat on the driver of the vehicle.

The victim told police no words had been exchanged prior to the attack, despite Watts later telling officers he had no knowledge of the offence during an interview on February 10.

On April 14, Watts filled his car up at the Caltex on Boyne Island with $390 worth of diesel, before driving off without making any payment for the fuel.

Police later located him at a nearby construction site, where he told police he didn't steal the fuel, as he'd planned to go back and pay at a later date.

Prosecutor Bonnyman sought a suspended sentence, telling Magistrate Russell Warfield that Watts's behaviour of spitting at someone was "totally unacceptable".

When questioned by the magistrate, Watts admitted his behaviour had been totally unacceptable, and he had been going through some hard times, as he tried to get himself back together.

Mag Warfield condemned Watts's behaviour during sentencing.

"It's (spitting) a disgusting act, it's degrading and it's fraught with danger," he said.

Watts was sentenced to two months imprisonment for the common assault charge, with the term wholly suspended for 18 months, while he was fined $300 for the stealing offence, ordered to pay $390 restitution for the fuel and had his licence disqualified for one month, with convictions recorded for both offences.

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