Man sentenced after 'horrendous' New Year's Eve rampage

A 31-year-old man has pleaded guilty following a drunken New Year's Eve rampage at an Emu Creek camp site where he threatened several people, including holding one man at knife point.

Adrian McLean was charged with common assault in Murgon Magistrates Court today after throwing an axe at another man's head before holding a knife to the victim's throat.

On December 31, 2018, Mr McLean was with a group of people, including children at an Emu Creek camp-site outside Benarkin.

During the evening, Mr McLean launched into a drunken attack threatening to 'bash everyone'.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi explained the evening's proceedings.

"The defendant threw a full-size axe at the victim, narrowly missing the victim's head," he said.

"They then yelled out, 'I am going to bash everyone'."

The victim then called to alert police and the defendant walked up behind him and put a 30cm knife to the victim's throat and said "don't call the cops again".

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said Maclean was diagnosed with depression and anxiety following the death of his long-term partner in 2017.

Mr Campbell told the court his client does not remember the event but is currently seeing a counsellor and taking medication to address his depression and anxiety.

Before sentencing, Magistrate Louisa Pink addressed the defendant and reminded him of the serious nature of his drunken assault.

"It is lucky the axe didn't find its mark because it could have been a horrendous situation," she said.

"Throwing a full-size axe at someone's head and holding a 30cm knife to someone's throat, you are lucky it is only common assault.

"This could have been a much more serious charge, it would have been a horrendous experience for everyone," the magistrate said.

"Offences of this kind will not be tolerated."

The defendant was sentenced to 12 months' probation and 40 hours' unpaid community service.

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