Kanye West.
Kanye West.

Man seeks out of court settlement with Kanye West

A MAN allegedly assaulted by Kanye West last week is seeking "several hundred thousand dollars" from the rapper to keep the incident out of court.

The unidentified 18-year-old had an altercation with the 'New Slaves' star in a Los Angeles chiropractor's waiting room last Monday after he is said to have hurled racial slurs at Kanye's fiancee, Kim Kardashian, but he is eager to settle the case out of court.

The man's lawyer is said to have called Kanye's people asking for "several hundred thousand dollars" to avoid a public trial, according to TMZ.

Another source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "He cancelled a meeting with [Beverly Hills Police]. He initiated something with Kanye's reps, an overture for money."

Police confirmed after the incident Kanye, 36, was under investigation for misdemeanour battery, based on the unidentified man's testimony.

The man is said to have triggered the altercation after he met Kim - who was alone - on the streets of Beverly Hills and called her a "n****r lover" and a "stupid sl*t". She then tried to walk away, but the man pursued her, and she called Kanye, who raced to the scene.

The source added: "He threatened to hit her. He said, 'I bet I could beat you'.

"She's tiny, and if someone is following you screaming, 'Slut! n****r lover! ****,' you don't know if you're dealing with an insane person who will go postal and hurt you. She was so upset, she was crying."

After the incident in the chiropractor's, Kanye - who has seven-month-old daughter, North, with Kim - fled the scene before police arrived. They are now currently in Paris, France for Fashion Week

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